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Manjushri- 13 inch 24k Full-gold antique

  • Tibetan Name: Jampalyang
  • Sanskrit Name: Arya Manjushri

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Note: This is the exact piece you will be receiving

Wielding a flaming sword, Manjushri is a Bodhisattva who embodies supreme wisdom as a path of enlightenment. With the visions and skills of numerous artists and craftsmen, this statue depicting him has been crafted at the highest of levels. The design, the carving work, the painting work, and all the other works that go into making this statue along with patience and dedication, define the elegance and aura of this work of art. Emulating the qualities of Manjushri, 24k gold has been gilded entirely giving the radiance that fills the room. The calm and peaceful face looking at the viewers has been painted with gold and the finest detailing allows the perfect connection between the statue and the viewer.

Crafted in 2022

Height: ~32 cm

Width: ~22 cm

Depth: ~15 cm

Weight: ~4 Kilograms

  • Do not sprinkle water or any liquid on the face.
  • Avoid touching the face when handling the statue.
  • Use a cotton cloth to clean the body of the statue.
  • Base Metal: Copper
  • Finish Style: 24k Full-gold antique finishing

All our statues are handcrafted. For some statues we make in high quantities, the one shown on the website will not be the exact piece. When you order these items, we will send you the exact pictures of the statue you will be receiving. While the overall look of the statue will look exactly like the one shown in the picture, each statue that we make will differ slightly upon closer inspection due to the nature of handcrafting.

To know whether you will be receiving the exact same piece of the statue, you can check the message below the ‘add to cart’ button.

We have a return policy of 14 days. For more information, read section 6: Returns of the ordering policy.

  • Order processing takes about 2-3 business days.
  • Shipped to your location through cargo and couriers.

All of our statues have been handcrafted in Patan, Nepal.

The tradition and history of handcrafting Buddhist statues have been present in Patan for more than 10 centuries. In our quest to preserve and keep this tradition going, we make sure that all of the statues are crafted from Patan.

For more information regarding our items, read our item policy.