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Item Policy

Rupamaker is the seller of items that are mainly used for Buddhist dharma practices. We work with various artists and craftsmen while making the items. Many Artists and craftsman works under our supervision and guidance. This item policy details the terms regarding manufthe acturing of the item and their nature along with the dos and don’ts. By accepting this policy, you agree to have read all the terms mentioned on this policy.

  1. About the Items on this website
  2. The details of Manufacturing of the items
  3. Safety and precautions

1. About the items

Our items are crafted by hand and can be classified as art objects. They do not have a direct functional value and carry an aesthetic value. This means you cannot use them in direct relation to accomplish a certain task. For example, the broom has a functional value, since it can be used directly to clean the surface.

Material of our items: Our items use metals. The base metal is Copper and in some cases ,we also have silver as a base metal. The copper is either oxidized or plated with Silver or Gold. The face of the item is either left unpainted or uses melted gold along with acrylic or poster colors for painting.

External reactions: While we gold plate and oxidize our items to avoid reactions, they can sometime be subject to reactions from external environment. The moisture on the air can react with the item can deform its color and shape. The facepainting is most vulnerable to these reactions. A drop of water can damage the painted face. As of now we have not found the right solution to protect the item from these forces and reactions.

2. The details of Manufacturing

Our items are manufactured through a series of steps. The metal objects are created through the lost wax process. To learn more about our manufacturing process, you can visit the ‘Our craft’ section on our website.

About artists and craftsmen: The items made and sold by Rupamaker are made by artists and craftsmen. The items manufactured does not take place under a single roof. There are numerous specialized craftsmen working from their own workplace. Apart from the shop, we have a carving workshop where we employ craftsmen under our direct supervision. Besides this, artists and craftsmen specialized in carving and some other departments such as face painting works from their workshop under our supervision and guidance. We manage this entire system in order to produce our items.

Casting: Rupamaker does not design the statue. We select and buy the best casts from the artists who have designed and created the metal figure of the statue.

Carving and Engraving: Rupamaker owns a carving and engraving workshop. Besides this, we work with other Carving and engraving artists and craftsmen working from their workshops.

Buffing; Gold plating and oxidizing: Rupamaker works with craftsmen specialized in these areas. They work from their workshop.

Facepainting: Rupamaker works with face painting artist working from their workshops.

3. Safety and precautions

While we do our best to make and present you the item, after you buy and own the item, the responsibility of maintaining the Item falls into your hands.

Cleaning; Like all things, over a period of time, you will see the dust accumulated on the surface of the statue. While the color of the items over the period of time will naturally deform and turn antique, dust can cause unwanted deformation. Hence, you should clean the statue from time to time.

Moisture protection; Moisture can cause rapid unwanted color deformation on the items. If you are placing the items on spaces with high moisture density, we advise you to not do so. If you are living near the coastal areas, there is a high chance of damages due to humidity.

Do not use Water on the item; when cleaning or doing your dharma practice, do not sprinkle or use water. While it may not damage the gold plated area, it will damage the painted areas.